We are always on the look out for talented, driven and intellectually curious interns interested in learning new skills and growing professionally. Interns split their time among a mixture of duties that include, but aren’t limited to, researching new data science technologies, writing analysis scripts, prototyping algorithms, data cleaning, and attending informative meetings. All of this done remotely via Slack, Skype, Gchat and Gmail. Intrigued by the opportunity? Want to know more? Send us a message in the contact form below.

Current Positions

Data Science Intern

Our digital data intern will be responsible for assisting the Omni Analytics team with programming support, internet research, script editing and social media content creation. We look forward to working with someone who has passion for data science applications, is curious about technology and genuinely excited to learn about business, consulting, artificial intelligence, machine learning and crypto-economics. The ideal candidate will possess a graduate level knowledge of statistics and have the prerequisite R skills required to build and validate statistical models using data science best practices. Expertise in data visualization is a must and Photoshop skills would definitely be a plus.

Junior Data Scientist

We are looking for a bright, intellectually curious and knowledgeable Junior Data Scientist who will assist us in making a positive difference in our client’s organizations.  Our expertise spans the entire gamut of statistics and, as a part of our team, you’ll be tasked with applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems for our clients using R and Python.  This position is perfect for anyone interested in making a direct impact within a young, upstart consulting group!

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