A look back on 2017 at OAG. What does 2018 hold?

2017 was a year of major accomplishments for our team at Omni Analytics Group. We wanted to briefly recap some of these accomplishments, and provide a little sneak peak of some of our company objectives and initiatives for the coming year.


Research and Development – We released version 1 of our chat bot ROSI. ROSI will attempt to provide assistance with a data science project, or with data science training. This facilitates an open discussion of the needs of the client and helps connect them with the appropriate resources without having to interact with a live person. We also published an R package to CRAN called Rnumerai for interacting with the Numerai API. This R package is also available in a development version on our company GitHub page. Many of our R&D efforts in this year were internal, but as we discuss further in this blog, we hope to continue to publish as much as possible in the public domain when appropriate.



Marketing – We completed our Shiny Labs page. This page contains over a dozen Shiny applications illustrating our wide range of capabilities as data scientists. These apps range from silly or fun prototypes, to fully-featured applications. Each application includes a corresponding video to illustrate its use.


Training – We also created a full Courses page, complete with online and on-site training courses available for purchase in a number of data science and statistical topics. In May ’17 we went down to a Data Science and R programming conference in Melbourne, Australia where we held our first official training session, on creating Interactive Web Applications with Shiny.


Consulting – We published our Case Studies page highlighting some past projects and consulting agreements performed by OAG. Each project includes information about its background, as well as a description of the technologies used, so that future clients can understand some of our technical capabilities as data scientists.


Infrastructure – Our backup infrastructure was expanded to be robust. We also developed and extended our internal and external infrastructure, including the use of GitLab for collaborative coding, and Nextcloud for file sharing and internal services. We also created a company GitHub for housing open-source and open-access projects which we’ve released into the public domain.


Where are we going from here?

  1. We are going to greatly expand the functionality of ROSI. We will have more to say and show about this in the near future!
  2. Our labs page will be touched up with speed and usability improvements based on Shiny functionality and addon packages released in the last year
  3. GitHub will continue to host open source projects of ours, particularly those related to Numerai.
  4. In the spirit of this post, one of our major goals will be to release interesting and innovative content onto this blog. Look for posts relating to R and data science topics being released regularly over the year, beginning in the next few weeks.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about our initiatives, or wish to speak with us regarding a project or training, please Contact Us.


Happy New Years from the OAG team to all our readers!

Posted on January 8, 2018 in Omni Analytics Group

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